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Our tax consultants specialize in catering to the needs of small businesses. We strive to deliver precise and reliable services at the most affordable rates, tailored to meet the unique requirements of both individuals and businesses.

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Accounting, Payroll and Tax Services in Vancouver, WA

Our tax preparation services include:

Small businesses must accurately track income and record expenses. This can consume a large amount of your time and effort, distracting you from your business’s core operations. At Northwest Accounting & Tax Service we can reduce your burden by providing expert accounting and tax services. We will help you understand your business’s financial statements, giving you greater insight and control of your business’s growth and continued success. We understand Washington Business & Occupation Excise (Sales Tax) tax returns that are required to be filed by all businesses in Washington State. We are able to use QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online and other accounting software to assist with your bookkeeping needs. Let us help you find the most streamline way to track income and expenses to be able to confidently file your tax return for your small business.

Payroll for your employees and making payroll tax payments require a large amount of time, attention and care. There are many complicated laws and calculations for payroll. Miss a payment, fail to file a report or miss an update in the laws and the penalties can be very high. We help keep your payroll accurate and timely. With Vancouver, WA being a Washington/Oregon border city, the issues get even more complicated and we know how to handle them. Visit with us to see if we can help you with your payroll services.

We want small businesses in our community to thrive. We would love to talk with you and help you get started right. While we are not experts in your business, we are experts in ours, and we have worked with 100’s of different companies. We can discuss entity types and the things you need to know to keep the accounting, payroll and tax services in compliance. We can help you understand Washington business and sales tax returns and of course the Federal filing requirements. If you work in Oregon, we can help with that too. We answer your questions and help you get started on a path to future success.

We enjoy tax planning and can provide a review of your tax situation during the off season to ensure you are up to date and informed about the tax return you will file. We have enrolled agents for tax preparation services that can represent you when your tax return is questioned by a government agency.